How to participate

How to participate

Active participation is available for authenticated users, i.e., users on the site which have identified themselves with name, country and email (emails are never exposed).

Who can be users?

Scientists and professionals in the field of plant science are encouraged to register as users. The registration for a new account includes name, email and country. Click on the "Create new account" the link in the left side menu and fill in the form provided. You will then receive an email with a link for verifcation and login.
Create a profile and make yourself searchable
Please spend a few minutes on creating a profile by clicking the link "My profile" in the bar menu. The profile includes the organisation you are working for, which must be selected from the organisations in the database. If your organisation is not in the database, then please create it by following the guide below. The profile contains furthermore options to add useful links, your professional expertise and CV, selection of relevant EPSO keywords as well as your own keywords.
How to get a new password
You can request a new password by submitting your e-mail address. You will then receive a mail with a link to a one-time login. Please remember to to save after ressetting your password. User who have been added by the ERA-CAPS consortium can use this for modifying their user profile.
How to add an organisation
Select the "New organisation" tab in the menu and fill in the form provided. Please note that organisations are stored in a hierarchial structure. If for example your organisation is Institute of Berries in University of Fruits, you must first create University of Fruits leaving Parent organisation = None, and then create Institute of Berries with Parent organisation = University of Fruits. All information which is identical for the two need only be entered for the first organsiation.

Organisation types

You are requested to choose the organisation type from a predefined set of options.

How to modify data

You can modify the organsiations you have entered by choosing the organisation from the meny item "My organisations". ERA-CAPS consortium members can modify any data.

ERA-NET partners

ERA-NET partners are given rights to edit all organisations for maintenance of the database.