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The majority of plant science funded by BBSRC is through its bottom-up Responsive Mode mechanism. Grants are awarded in response to unsolicited research proposals in any area relevant to BBSRC’s mission. As a general principle, BBSRC allocates as much research grant funding as possible in responsive mode.

Funding is available for up to 5 years. This includes short duration activities such as small pilot projects or proof of concept studies, which are often less than two years in duration.

Applications are assessed by the appropriate BBSRC Research Committee using the standard BBSRC competitiveness appraisal factors. There are four Research Committees - plant science proposals are typically assessed by Research Committee B.

Research Committee A (Animal disease, health and welfare)
Research Committee B (Plants, microbes, food and sustainability)
Research Committee C (Genes, development and STEM approaches to biology)
Research Committee D (Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology)
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Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
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