Molecular plant-microbe interactions

Programme description: 
We plan to study genetic, molecular and cellular aspects of plant-microbe interactions. We concentrate on one RNA virus genus - sobemoviruses and on the fungal pathogen wheat powdery mildew. As both infect cereals, these will be the main hosts throughout the study. Besides that, dicot hosts will be used. We plan to study the following aspects of plant-microbe interactions: 1. Characterization of different species of the Sobemovirus genus, their genome organizations, functions of genes, mechanisms of propagation, transport and spread; 2. Viral and endogenous suppressors of RNA silencing as the major players to control the infections in plants; 3. Characterization of loci determing the durable protection against wheat powdery mildew, prebreeding of new powdery mildew resistant wheat genotypes based on these; 4. Role of myosins in plant development and plant-microbe interactions; 5. Novel genes determining the development of anthers and their relations with resistance pathways.
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Estonian Research Council
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2014 to 2019
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